Training Camp 3

Our third training camp took place on the August bank holiday at Thirtover Place, near Newbury.  We arrived on the Friday evening and our preparations for Japan started immediately.  First challenge: pitch all our tents, dining shelters and the kitchen in the space we will have for our unit at the Jamboree.  We had to think about orientation of the tents because there will be a road alongside our pitch in Japan, distance between our tents in case of fire, and the intended location of our unit gateway.

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Training Camp 2

Back at the end of May, the Unit held our second training camp in London. We stayed at Scout Park in North London, and did a whole range of activities from learning Japanese to early morning exercise sessions, from designing our unit gateway to practicing our media skills, and from shooting footage for our Unit video to trying out Japanese cuisine. Continue reading »

Fundraising Quiz Available

Our second fundraising Dingbats quiz is now available from members of the Unit. Buy a copy of the quiz for £1, and send it back to us. If you’re the first fully correct sheet out of the hat on 28th September, then you’ll win £20.

If you’d like to take part but don’t know any members of the Unit, contact us and we will arrange getting a copy to you.

Unit Badges Available

Our Unit Badge is now available for sale! You can buy yours from any member of the Jamboree Unit, or by getting in touch with us directly.

The badges cost £2.50 each, with all funds going to the Wiltshire Jamboree Unit. There will be an additional postage cost if you require the badges being sent by mail.

Training Camp 1

At the end of January, the Wiltshire Jamboree Unit met for the first time at Wiltshire Scout Centre for their first Training Weekend. It’s taken a lot of work to get to the stage where we have 27 Young People selected, but it was great to finally see them all together for the first time (and you can see them too on The Unit page).

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Participant Applications Close

After 7 weeks, and lots of really great applications, we have now closed applications. Those of you who have applied will be hearing from us by the end of the month about whether we would like to invite you to the selection weekend or not. Please keep an eye on your e-mails as if you are invited along there will be some important information being sent to you telling you what you will need to do and bring to the weekend.

Regardless of whether you get invited to the selection weekend or not, thank you to all of those who applied. All the applications were of a very high standard, and shortlisting the applications isn’t going to be an easy task!

Participant Applications Open

Applications to be part of the Wiltshire Jamboree Unit are now open, and will remain open until 21st October. To apply, you must have be born between 28 July 1997 and 27 July 2001. Applicants will be shortlisted based on an online submission form, and then those on the short list will be invited to attend a selection weekend at the end of November. For full details on how to apply, please see the Selection pages.

Leadership Team Announced

The leadership team for the Wiltshire Jamboree Unit was announced by Olwen Brockway (Wiltshire County Commissioner) at the Wiltshire County AGM on 9th July 2013. The leadership team consists of:

  • James Baker – Unit Leader
  • Claire Mollart – Deputy Unit Leader
  • Stuart Kent – Assistant Unit Leader

For more information about the leadership team, please visit The Unit page.