Training Camp 6

Training camp 6 was held at Wiltshire Scout Centre in Potterne and whilst everyone was arriving we started to set up all of the tents in which we would camp. This turned out to be tricky as some of the tents that were brought were missing pegs and some even had no poles! But still we managed to set up enough tents for us all to stay dry in.

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Training Camp 5

Training Camp 5 was held on the 23rd to the 25th of January at Potterne and was jam-packed full of activities; we had to get used to a busy schedule and long days!

When we had all arrived we were told we were going to experience getting on and off of the Bullet Train, which is how we’re getting from Tokyo to the Jamboree site. We had to gat all of our bags on as well as us whilst avoiding obstacles such as other people. This was all good practise in that in Japan we would only have 2 minutes in which to board the train. We then had a candle lit campfire, where we all performed sketches like we might have to do in Japan when we host people for dinner. That night we also went geocaching which involved us working in teams to find capsules located around Potterne. My group managed to successfully find three and had fun trying to work the GPS.

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Training Camp 4

In early November, the Wiltshire Jamboree Unit went to ScareFest at Gilwell Park for a spooky weekend. Here’s what Joanna from the Unit had to say about it:

It was an exciting camp and started off with a few people walking around in costumes and then the big ceremony with loads of lights and nearly everyone was dressed up! There were exciting and scary mazes filled with surprises and loads of interesting people to talk to in the queues. It helped me and the rest of the Wiltshire Jamboree Unit to prepare for the Jamboree because to start off we needed to get there which included getting lots of trains so we got some practice of getting onto trains quickly because in Japan trains are only at a station for 2 minutes and then leave.

However at the camp we had to prepare our own food and put up tents, which as Scouts we were all good at that already, and we used the camp as time together where we could all get to know each other more and do some quizzes about Japan and played people bingo asking people on the site different questions to see if they fitted each of the parts which were all Jamboree or Japan related. For example whether someone had ever attended a Scout Jamboree. This helped us as a group to gain confidence and social skills for we would need these when we go on the Jamboree as we would be meeting
many new people and would be able to easily get into conversation. Overall the ScareFest experience has helped us with travelling and meeting people as a group so preparing us for Japan!

-Joanna (Wiltshire North)

Training Camp 3

Our third training camp took place on the August bank holiday at Thirtover Place, near Newbury.  We arrived on the Friday evening and our preparations for Japan started immediately.  First challenge: pitch all our tents, dining shelters and the kitchen in the space we will have for our unit at the Jamboree.  We had to think about orientation of the tents because there will be a road alongside our pitch in Japan, distance between our tents in case of fire, and the intended location of our unit gateway.

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Training Camp 2

Back at the end of May, the Unit held our second training camp in London. We stayed at Scout Park in North London, and did a whole range of activities from learning Japanese to early morning exercise sessions, from designing our unit gateway to practicing our media skills, and from shooting footage for our Unit video to trying out Japanese cuisine. Continue reading »

Fundraising Quiz Available

Our second fundraising Dingbats quiz is now available from members of the Unit. Buy a copy of the quiz for £1, and send it back to us. If you’re the first fully correct sheet out of the hat on 28th September, then you’ll win £20.

If you’d like to take part but don’t know any members of the Unit, contact us and we will arrange getting a copy to you.

Unit Badges Available

Our Unit Badge is now available for sale! You can buy yours from any member of the Jamboree Unit, or by getting in touch with us directly.

The badges cost £2.50 each, with all funds going to the Wiltshire Jamboree Unit. There will be an additional postage cost if you require the badges being sent by mail.